Five easy steps to lose weight

Five Simple steps to lose weight

Are you conscious about your weight? It is quite east to put on some weight but when it comes to lose some its complex task and people often do some crazy things to get slim. Most common is dieting which is very easy literally but quite difficult practically. Here are some simple tricks to lose weight.

1.Cut out extra Carbohydrates

Most of our meal consists of carbs, sugars and starches; primarily less energy compared to fats and oils. Carbohydrates are easy to digest as compared to proteins and lipids but excess amount taken can be stored in body leading to obesity. After the cut out of carbs, body tends to burn the excessive fats as daily intake of carbs declined. Reducing carbs intake doesn’t means to cut out carbs supply in body as some part of body specially brain needs constant supply of glucose for optimal body functioning. Lower carbs intake leads to less insulin production; relieving kidneys to produce lower sodium and water production.

2.Green Tea Effectiveness

If you are planning to lose some fats add green tea intake in your wish list. Green Tea actively boosts the metabolism of body and aids in burning stored fats. Traditional Tea and coffee has more caffeine but green tea has relatively lower proportion of caffeine than the former two.

3. Take 8 Hour Sleep

Are you not getting enough sleep regularly? Staying awake or working late night, not getting sleep has any link with obesity? A recent study showed that People not getting enough sleep has tendency to gain weight in comparison to people having enough sleep.
So if you are trying to lose weight then sleep well.

4. Cut Short Your Gadgets usage

With new innovation and accecibility to latest gadgets we seems to be addictive with compromising our social activities. If you are planning to get slim and smart, don’t use extra time on tech gadgets.

5. Routinely Exercise

Proper planning and timely exercise is most important thing one must care to get smart. You don’t need to climb a mountain in a day. Take baby steps, start with mile walk during dusk and dawn. After maintaining habit of walking start jogging for 5 mins interval. After a week increae time span. You can consult jym instructor if you wanted specific shape and grow some muscle fat.

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