Wood Wide Web (WWW) Plants way of talking

In our environment we consider plants a very prominent creature, as they are the one of organisms that make their own food. Plants easily traps the solar energy and redistribute this energy after utilizing for themselves. Mostly plants are considered as sole proprietor, less relying on other organisms.

Recently scientists reveal insightful news about plants regarding their communication to the other plants. Do plants talk?

Do plants help others?

Are plants greedy and cheat others?

The answer to all above questions is ‘Yes’.

In ecology we are familiar with mutualisms an association in which both organisms get benifited. One of such association is mycorrihzea a mutualists approach between fungi and plants. In mycorrihzea plants get nutrients like nitrates, sulpher etc from fungi that helps plant to grow better, while fungi gets prepared food from plants. But this relationship helps plants to communicate. Some plants transfer glucose to the growing young plants through the hyphae of fungi through soil that help young plants to grow easily. While some dying plants distribute nutrients to the other plants. This association is called as ‘Wood Wide Web’. Some naught plants use this network to invade other plant’s resources.

Research is being done to get further details. For now follow my blog and like this article.


Umer Ali


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