CS2 Lewis Structure Molecular Geometry Polarity Hybridization

lewis structure cs2

CS2 Lewis Structure The interesting thing while studying inorganic compounds is that you need to study the raw materials involves in the formation of chemical compounds.CS2 is a very handy inorganic compound and chiefly it is used as a raw material in the preparation of carbon tetra chloride. ┬áCarbon disulfide is a very dangerous compound … Read more

CH2O Lewis Structure Hybridization Molecular Geometry Polarity

ch2o lewis structure molecular geometry hybridization polarity

The chemical formula of one of the important organic compounds formaldehyde is ch20 and belongs to the family of organic compounds called the aldehyde. In the laboratory when we remove simple hydrogen from the alcohols aldehyde and ketones are formed. Ch20 has a characteristic pungent smell and has been widely used to preserve food for … Read more

Is HF Polar or Non Polar

is hf polar or non polar

Polarity of HF Molecule A lot of chemistry graduates ask while solving the lewis structure that Is HF Polar or Non Polar? Hydrogen fluoride is one of the weak acids and is a strongly polar molecule due to the large electronegativity difference between hydrogen and fluorine molecules. The fluorine with the highest electronegative value and … Read more