Is NH3 Polar or Non Polar (Simply Explained)

is ammonia polar or non polar

Is Ammonia a Polar? Ammonia symbolically represented as NH3 is colourless gas widely used in many commercial activities like manufacturing nitrogenous fertilizers, as a cleaning agent, and producing a variety of nitrogenous chemicals. Most of the students are confused when they are asked if ammonia is polar or nonpolar. In chemistry, the term polarity means … Read more

CS2 Lewis Structure Molecular Geometry Polarity Hybridization

lewis structure cs2

CS2 Lewis Structure The interesting thing while studying inorganic compounds is that you need to study the raw materials involves in the formation of chemical compounds.CS2 is a very handy inorganic compound and chiefly it is used as a raw material in the preparation of carbon tetra chloride. ┬áCarbon disulfide is a very dangerous compound … Read more

COCl2 Lewis Structure Hybridization Polarity Molecular Geometry

lewis structure cocl2

COCl2 Lewis Structure Are you looking for a correct and stable molecular structure of the COCl2 compound it is formed by the bonding of three elements viz chlorine carbon and oxygen? The molecular geometry of any compound not only helps to conclude exact information of the structure but the bond-bond interaction. Though many different theories … Read more

CH2O Lewis Structure Hybridization Molecular Geometry Polarity

ch2o lewis structure molecular geometry hybridization polarity

The chemical formula of one of the important organic compounds formaldehyde is ch20 and belongs to the family of organic compounds called the aldehyde. In the laboratory when we remove simple hydrogen from the alcohols aldehyde and ketones are formed. Ch20 has a characteristic pungent smell and has been widely used to preserve food for … Read more

BISEFSD 10th Result 2022

bisefsd 10th result 2022

How to Download BISEFSD 10th Result 2022 View your exam by just entering your 10th class roll no and be surprised to see your success. The matric result is the ultimate way to judge the competence of a child and students work a lot to get great grades. On contrary, the students who failed to … Read more

BISEGRW 12th Datesheet 2022

bisegrw 12th datesheet 2022

You can download the official BISEGRW 12th date sheet from our website by just clicking on the download image below. The wait is over and the datasheet for the 12th class for exams in 2022 is released by BISEGRW officials. The exams are expected to happen in June and July for the intermediate classes. Are … Read more

BISEGRW 12th Result 2022

bisegrw 12th result 2022

BISEGRW 12th Result The intermediate student is worried about the results because they burnt the midnight oil to achieve the wonderful result. Are you looking for bisegrw 12th result 2022 then the wait is over because the result is around the corner? All you need is your roll no to view your latest bisegrw 12th … Read more

Lewis Structure Polarity Hybridization of I3 Molecule

i3 lewis structure

Lewis Strucutre of I3 Molecule The molecule of i3, formally called triiodide, comprises three iodine atoms with a net negative charge. The only reason to study this chemical entity is due to the fact it is widely used in many identification reactions of different atoms. Many important salts also contain the triiodide molecule due to … Read more

H2S Lewis Structure

h2s lewis structure

Lewis dot Structure of H2S The chemistry graduates often encounter the hydrogen sulfide molecule due to the wide range of industrial applications. If we look into the formation of hydrogen sulfide molecules only two bonds of H-S contribute to the stable and accurate molecular structure. Are you here to find out the lewis structure of … Read more

NF3 Lewis Structure

lewis structure of nf3

Lewsis Structure of Nitrogen Triflouride Nitrogen trifluoride is chemically formed by three fluorine atoms and a single nitrogen atom. The nf3 lewis structure explains three N-F bond pairs and a single lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom. The lewis structure is peculiar because both the atoms in the NF3 are electronegative (fluorine more … Read more