Is HF Polar or Non Polar

is hf polar or non polar

Polarity of HF Molecule A lot of chemistry graduates ask while solving the lewis structure that Is HF Polar or Non Polar? Hydrogen fluoride is one of the weak acids and is a strongly polar molecule due to the large electronegativity difference between hydrogen and fluorine molecules. The fluorine with the highest electronegative value and … Read more

Is SO3 Polar or NonPolar?

SO3 is an oxide of sulfur and is the primary pollutant present in the atmosphere. When mixed with water vapors in the air, Sulfur trioxide leads to the formation of sulfuric acid, thus contributing to acid rain formation. A lot of students ask about the polarity of the so3 molecule.  The SO3 molecule shows nonpolar … Read more

Is NH3 Polar or Non Polar (Simply Explained)

is ammonia polar or non polar

Is Ammonia a Polar? Ammonia symbolically represented as NH3 is colourless gas widely used in many commercial activities like manufacturing nitrogenous fertilizers, as a cleaning agent, and producing a variety of nitrogenous chemicals. Most of the students are confused when they are asked if ammonia is polar or nonpolar. In chemistry, the term polarity means … Read more